An image of both femme and masculine Bellot. Their appearance is described in the body text.

Bellot, main character.

Pronounced Bell-Oh. He/him, She/her, or They/them.  

Overview: Bellot is a human from planet Earth. Default names are Marie for femme, Julien for masculine. Readers of the interactive fiction may also customize Bellot’s first name.  Based on reader choices, Bellot can be gay, straight, bi, pan, or avoid sexuality and romance altogether. 

Occupation: Medically retired from the Navy Hospital Corps after traumatic brain injury. Now a volunteer for various community programs as health permits.

Age: Late twenties.

Race: Multiracial.

Appearance: Bellot has deep tan skin and curly brown hair. Their eyes, also brown, are large, kind, and confident. The overall impression is someone who would rather be a friend, but isn’t afraid to be an enemy. Clothes mostly consist of middle class American styles.

About: Bellot’s skills include first responding, medical aid, celestial navigation, and fishing. They like open minds, open seas, open books, and really good barbecue. They dislike invasive questions, feeling on display, anyone’s pain, and the sudden death of  good space westerns.


An image of Theo. His appearance is described in the body text.

Theodore Dreher, protagonist.


Overview: Theo is from planet Freiburg. Pronounced Frayburg. He is governor of the Carmine Zone. Pronounced Carmin Zone.

Age: Mid-thirties.

Earth-equivalent race: White.

Appearance: Theo’s physique is similar to a northern European male. He has light colored skin, medium brown hair, and bright green eyes. His hair, although full, is combed back in roaring twenties fashion. His favorite suit is a classically expensive cut, but its burgundy color wouldn’t work for anyone but him. Underneath the jacket, he wears a smoky plum shirt, a black silk vest with gold buttons, and blue necktie. 

About: Theo’s skills include fire and blood magic, acting serious, and running a country. He likes good manners, his family, and (secretly) likes being heckled. He dislikes spicy food, oppression, and non-flammable objects. 

“There’s only one way to greet hell, kid. Let’s burn it!”

An image of Dia. Her appearance is described in the body text.

Dia Rodriguez, protagonist.


Overview: Dia is from planet Gaia. She trained as a combat alchemist in Gaia’s Defense Force, but went mercenary after growing disillusioned with the Force’s unwillingness to actually…defend things. 

Age: Early twenties.

Earth-equivalent race: Latin-X.

Appearance: Dia is athletic with tan skin, dark brown hair, and laughing brown eyes. She has an open and attractive face, even if it is a bit irreverent. Her hair is shoulder length with a few locks braided to stay out of her face. She’s got a faded blue tattoo of a rounded geometric shape on her right upper arm. There is an old scar on her forehead and belly, and two recent ones on her right forearm, suggesting she’s no stranger to knife and fire fights…with literal fire. She wears a cropped navy blue halter top with a hooded tactical harness. For pants, she wears navy blue fatigues and brown combat boots. When she goes out, she equips an additional tactical harness with a gun, knife, an many mysterious pockets.

About: Dia’s skills include planning and management, alchemy, and hand-to-hand combat. She likes salty humor, drinking games, and sewing stuffed animals. She dislikes mass conflict, dress codes, and squeaky floorboards.

“Tonight, we keep the balance. Tomorrow, we tip the scales! With grenades.”


An image of Darnell. His appearance is described in the body text.

Darnell Tinker, protagonist.


Overview: Darnell is from planet Gaia. He is a data security engineer (a fancy title for corporate spies).

Age: Late thirties.

Earth-equivalent race: Black.

Appearance: Darnell has dark brown skin, short black hair, wide brown eyes, and a dimpled smile. He’s athletically fit even though no one has ever seen him working out, and there are several local legends concerning the origin of his muscles. His favorite clothes are simple and brown, suitable for puttering around a workshop. He wears an old-fashioned key around his neck and rarely takes off his leather tool harness, even when out of the house. It’s not uncommon for neighbors to flag him down to request a repair. 

About: Darnell’s skills include catching industrial spies, engineering, and alchemy. He likes community and overcomplicating things with schematics. He dislikes corporate predation, broken equipment, and geese.

“Resist anyone who demands your soul in the name of compromise!”

An image of Salome. Her appearance is described in the body text.

Salome Haddad, protagonist.

Pronounced Saloh-mee Hah-dawd. She/her.

Overview: Salome is from planet Federa. She is a pop star diva and idol by day, hacker by night. Although she claims it’s ethical hacking, Federa’s government quite disagrees. 

Age: No one can actually tell, although most people assume twenty-five years old.

Earth-equivalent race: Middle-eastern.

Appearance: Salome is like a long-stemmed rose in a bouquet of daisies. Tall and curvaceous with tan skin and dark, waist-length tresses, people tend to forget what they’re saying whenever she struts by. Her eyes are grey, slightly angled, and rimmed with long black lashes, making them her most expressive feature. Her favorite, and supposedly casual, dress is a glossy red affair that drapes comfortably along her form. It features an overlay of translucent gauze upon which golden twinkling stars have been embroidered. The only accessories she wears with this dress is a red semi-transparent scarf and matching four-inch heels.

About: Salome’s skills include singing, dancing, and ethical hacking. She likes the performing arts, her fans, and side channel attacks. She dislikes censorship, micromanagement, and government info-sec.

“Stars shine brightly, darling, even when no one is watching!”


An image of Intra. Their appearance is described in the body text.

Intra, protagonist.


Overview: Intra is from Mythos. Pronounced Mithose. They’re the unsung god of an unsung domain: the domain of Interpretation. Although largely obscure and mostly unknown by Earth mythology, Domain Interpretation facilitates understanding between the universe and all of its creatures, great and small. 

Age: Unfathomable.

Earth-equivalent race: Unknown.

Appearance: Intra’s corporeal form is as awkward as it is beautiful. They don’t bother taking on a gender, nor much color for that matter, deciding to put all their effort into recreating the iridescent effect of dragonfly wings for hair. As such, their corporeal form is excessively pale and small-statured. Their translucent hair is brilliantly prismatic, somehow possessing of its own light source just strong enough to beautifully refract no matter the time of day. Their eyes lack pigment and reflect various shades of blue depending on the light. Their earth clothes are baggy and nondescript, consisting of a simple blue collared shirt and dark blue pants.

About: Intra’s skills include being eccentric, communication, perception, and gaming the laws of physics. They like curiosity, patience, kindness, and (especially) gossamer. They dislike fatalism, learned helplessness, and laugh tracks.

“Fate is naught but a coloring book, my dear ephemera, and we have the crayons.”