[Image description: A banner featuring a pink, purple, and blue nebula with a semi-transparent goddess cupping the earth in her hands. Above earth are the words “stars shine brightly, even when no one is watching.” End description.]

Earth’s reality wasn’t meant to happen.

In fact, it was the product of a very bored goddess.

This goddess broke the rules of creation and brought forth five worlds to keep herself entertained. She cleverly hid them and networked them together to keep them isolated from the proper universe, a deadly place when you’re not supposed to exist. The network allows our worlds to flourish and provides structure for reality itself…you know, so it doesn’t collapse and kill everyone.

Yes, if just one world becomes separated from the others, they will all be crushed under the infinite weight of original creation. She didn’t exactly think that one through. But, like any responsible being, she developed a plan.

A promotional image featuring the crown of worlds logo, a goddess cupping a ring of 5 planets in her hands, and the words "Choose your gender, Choose your reactions, Choose your sexuality, Choose your romance (or don't). It's your story, your choice." At the bottom are the logos for Steam and Itch game stores.

[Image Description: A promotional image featuring the Crown of Worlds logo and a pink, blue, and purple nebula.  In the foreground is a semi-transparent goddess cupping 5 planets in her hands, arranged in a circle, and the words “Choose your gender, Choose your reactions, Choose your sexuality, Choose your modesty, Choose your romance (or don’t). It’s your story, your choice.” At the bottom of the image are logos for Steam and Itch gaming stores. The Crown of Worlds logo is white text written with a mix of fantasy and sci-fi fonts. There is a semi-transparent shape beneath the logo text, reminiscent of a microchip circuit. Its dominant colors are turquoise and green. End description.]