About Prismatech Media Arts

Prismatech Media Arts was founded as a stage for author Lydia Rivers and other like-minded creators.

It’s a quintessential indie studio with no full-time employees. As for now, we’re bringing together skilled contractors from all over the world to participate in our wonderful projects. It’s truly a labor of love while we do our best to develop and grow.

Creative Director:  Lydia Rivers


Lydia is a disabled American writer who suffers chronic debilitating migraines. At first heartbroken by blunt-force life redirection, she found comfort in letting her imagination run wild…just like when she was a kid.

Lydia uses a wheelchair (part time) to assist with her (full time) balance problems. She’s also partnered with an assistance dog who helps to mitigate her disability.

She enjoys studying nature, writing for Anime Herald, tabletop gaming, and playing video games. She also maintains a personal blog, which is largely devoted to sarcasm and assistance dog advocacy.

Creative Co-Director:  Iris the Floof


Iris is Lydia’s assistance dog (in training).

She enjoys retrieving dropped objects, going for rides, walking across keyboards, and eating bits of cheese. 

Any typos you find are her fault.

Patron-in-Chief:  Justin Bridendolph


Justin is a registered nurse by day. By night, he’s a patron of the arts…specifically, Prismatech Media Arts. (technically he’s the owner, just so you know if things go wrong)

When Justin first read the script for Crown of Worlds, he got excited and started babbling incoherently. Thanks to their longstanding friendship, Lydia understood that he was refusing to see any more spoilers whilst agreeing to become Patron-in-Chief. 

Justin enjoys his career, various fandoms, and nerdly pursuits. His favorite activities include supporting his friends, being a cinnamon roll, and randomly bursting into song.