A bar graph showing the completion of the Crown of World's project's main phases. Details in main body of text.

Hi everyone! It’s been a while, so we thought we’d whip something up to show you how hard we’ve been working.

Crown of Worlds
Progress Report No. 1

Sprites: 85% complete! Our sprite artist is busy finishing up the final two characters, and then she’ll go back and redesign some clothes for costume changes.

Background Illustrations: 100% complete!

Character Illustrations: 20% complete! Our new character illustrator is hard at work and doing great. Illustrations for the prologue and 1st Domain: Freiburg are nearly finished. Next up, he’ll tackle 2nd Domain: Gaia.

Original Soundtrack: 50% complete! You can sample one of the songs here!

Writing: 14% complete! Story design is, of course, all done. This category refers to the word count of Crown of World’s traditional book format.

Editing & Scripting: 0% complete! This category refers to conversion of the traditional book format into a script for the visual novel. Editing will begin once the writing is 20% complete.

Programming: 25% complete! The user interface, MC pronoun customization, main settings, accessibility features, and modesty settings are finished. Further programming will begin in tandem with scripting.