Q: “Hi, I noticed you have a genderqueer romance option, and I was wondering if the writers are also genderqueer because I hate it when they get it wrong.”Anonymous via CuriousCat

A: The short answer is yes!!! The long answer is…long.

Hello friends! I’m Lydia Rivers, creative director and writer for the Crown of Worlds project. For reference, the “genderqueer romance option” mentioned by Anon is a character named Intra, whom we have broadly labeled as “non-binary” (NB) for the promos.

Intra is a character who’s been with me since elementary school. Suffice it to say, I’ve known them for a long time. Seriously, I first described them on a 3″ thick AST laptop running Windows 3.1. Since then, they’ve been my role model and conscience—the type of friend I always want to have around. They evolved right along with me throughout the years, and now they have a home within Prismatech’s flagship universe.

Though Intra has changed quite a bit, one thing has always stayed the same: their queer identity. Intra is agender; demisexual; pansexual.

And so am I.

Will I get it wrong? Probably! Everyone’s experiences while being themselves are unique. Mine may be vastly different than yours. And though I’m nervous about revealing all of this, I understand how vital representation is in the media, so I’ll tell you a little about myself. I hope it’ll help when people are trying to figure out Intra and how they fit into the LGBTQIA+ spectrum.

Before I begin, though, I’d like to admit that I’m unlike many genderqueer individuals because I don’t experience severe dysphoria. Aside from feeling vaguely uncomfortable whenever I’m forced to call myself a “woman,” I feel no mental anguish over my lady-parts. I mean, aside from the associated sexism, of course. Still, biological sex and gender are totally separate in my mind. People can use whatever pronouns or labels they want; I’ll only correct them if they start trying to force my behavior into a gender trope.

So what does that mean? I’ve always dressed practically first, aesthetically second. Now that I’ve started wearing lots of flowing tops and leggings for my wheelchair, I find that I typically get by with “cis privilege.” And because I don’t feel the need to assert my gender identity, I don’t experience as much discrimination as someone who must constantly fight for their personhood.

Although I used to get called some interesting names.

How does this apply to Intra? Well, first of all, Intra is a god…an incorporeal being. Sexy bits do not factor into the gender equation. And, in the Crown of Worlds universe, gods are free to choose whether or not they associate with a gender. Intra feels exhausted by the idea of choosing a gender, so they don’t. Like me, they don’t give a whit about pronouns, so they just go with whatever Bellot chooses (they/their). They are demisexual, because they’d only feel desire for someone they’re close to, and pansexual, because genders mean nothing to them in regards to romance.

How will the whole incorporeal being thing work for love scenes? People who want to take the romance route will just have to wait and see. 😉

Oh, and uh…H-happy Pride, I guess? I’m out.