Edit: Filled as of 5/29/2019

Hello friends!

We have a contract job opening for an experienced scene illustrator on the Crown of Worlds project, which is a commercial visual novel we hope to release in the second half of next year (2020).

We need about 26 base illustrations, with 2-3 slight variations in sequence as the scene advances. We will order them in sets of 4 to 5 as writing is completed. Don’t worry, I provide text from the script and storyboard guidance on how the scene should advance.

Backgrounds will be simplified, with a focus on characters within the scene. Most of them will be pre-designed by our sprite artist.

Illustrators skilled with mythical creatures shall receive special consideration.

Our images are 1920×1080, and we’re looking for a style similar to what is sometimes unofficially called “semi-realism.” For an example of the style we are looking for, take a peek here, here, or maybe here.

A successful candidate must be comfortable illustrating multiple races, genders, and both gay and straight scenes (no nudity).

We are accustomed to paying in full for individual works once we see the line art, but we may accept other arrangements for those who live within the U.S.A.  It’d be great if turnaround time is ten days or less per illustration set, but we are willing to work with the right artist.

Would you be interested? If so, please contact applications@studioprismatech.com with a link to your portfolio and a flat-fee range per illustration. Or, if you prefer, provide an hourly estimate and reference one of the example images for the approximate time you need per work. It’d be especially helpful if you could include add-on fees (or time needed) in case there is more than one character featured, or simple vs. complicated images, etc.

Thanks for your time!


Lydia Rivers
Author / Creator / Creative Director
Prismatech Media Arts