Mystic Domain | Planet Freiburg

They landed in a small clearing encroached with branches, and to Marie it seems like they’re deep within an ancient forest. Massive trees tower all around them, creating intricate fountains of impossibly green foliage. Graceful rainbows of lichens and fungi sprout among verdant hues, while shafts of sunlight pierce through the canopy and dance gaily with shadows across the forest floor.

A gentle breeze combs through the clearing, carrying with it the rich fragrance of earth, along with the sweet scent of composting leaves. Unseen birds melodically proclaim their territories, shamelessly heralding their carnal intentions. Frogs and insects frequently join them, competing for their life cycles with an arsenal of symphonic crescendos.

Crown of Worlds
First Domain: Freiburg | Our Prey Are Our Gods

Hi everyone! Author/Creative Director Lydia spent 12 hours in the emergency room this weekend, so we thought we’d cheer her up by releasing another background spotlight with a bit of beautiful text from the story.

Forest bathing sounds really good right now…

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