Hi everyone! We promised to reveal the star for Crown of Worlds sometime later this week, so we’re a bit earlier than expected! We made sure to offer a fervent little dev’s prayer that everything else goes ahead of schedule, too.

Introducing Bellot!

When readers begin a new play-through, they will be able to select either a male Bellot (default name Julien), or a female Bellot (default name Marie). Please note that we do not plan to program a sprite for Bellot at this time.

Some quick facts:

  • Bellot is pronounced as “billoh.”
  • Age: 29 years
  • Bellot’s grandmother was from Dominica (not to be confused with Dominican Republic). He/she is multiracial and grew up with a white grandfather.
  • Bellot is a medically retired U.S. Navy Hospital Corpsman. Hospital Corpsmen serve the Navy and Marines in many medical capacities, acting as EMTs, search and rescue, surgery assistance, and more. Bellot was not injured in combat, but was on duty when he/she received a traumatic brain injury. Now, Bellot uses a wheelchair part time while serving the community in other valuable ways.
Two medium skin toned people stand side by side in a freshwater fishing marina. They have brown eyes and curly hair, and look like they could be siblings. They are wearing yellow and grey. Text on the picture has their last name, Bellot, pronounced billoh. It also has the logo for the Crown of Worlds visual novel. In the background, there is water, an American flag, a few fishing boats, a cooler, a bench, and a modern lightweight electric wheelchair. In the far distance, there is a lighthouse.
Check out the Q&A about Bellot and disability.

Bellot’s sexuality is decided during each play-through by reader choices—but only if, and when, the reader starts a romance. Don’t worry about accidentally triggering a romance you don’t want; we’ll make it as obvious as possible without completely wrecking immersion. The begin-a-romance choices will be things like upfront flirts, inner dialogue suggesting attraction, or other clues that make it clear for those readers who want to see their Bellot fall in love. Those who so choose may pursue all of the romance options initially, but they will be forced to select a single lover or the platonic route for the story’s final scenes. If there is enough interest, we may consider including a polyamorous ending of some sort in the future.

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