Earth’s reality wasn’t meant to happen—in fact, it was the product of a very bored goddess. She created six worlds to keep herself entertained, networking them together so they don’t literally fall apart (an unfortunate consequence of going against the proper universe). The network helps our worlds to survive, and it supports the structure of our reality itself. You know, so it doesn’t collapse and kill everyone. Yes, if just one world becomes unanchored, they will all be crushed under the infinite weight of the original universe. She…didn’t really think that one through. But, like any other responsible being, she developed a plan.


About Crown of Worlds

Crown of Worlds transports readers into the shoes of Bellot, a former navy medic. Through a twist of fate, they are offered the chance to save not only our world, but five others that traverse various themes, from brassy steampunk to sleek sci-fi. The adventure is daring and bold—exploring not only choices, but the aftermath that comes with them, in an unflinching narrative that’s not afraid to address the darkest sides of idealism. Will you find yourself sympathizing with the antagonists? Will the correct choice always be the right one? Readers will find their wills tested and their morals challenged throughout the adventure. Each choice may have an impact as players discover 20 endings, either advancing the plot or obtaining glimpses of a far darker outcome. An all-original soundtrack provides exceptional reach and emotional depth, while optional romance with multiple genders and sexualities makes Crown of Worlds an adventure that can be enjoyed by a wide audience. No more being railroaded into smushy sexy times for a good ending…unless, of course, that’s what you want!