Planet Earth  |  Art Domain

My breath catches in my throat. The sight of them together is like a breathtaking spectacle of nature— it’s far too beautiful to process in a single glance.

The setting sun, glimmering on pale sand and their even paler forms;
The gentle lake, quiet as it reflects the dusky sky;
The summer air, caressed by a scent of water;
The evening breeze, flirting with Intra’s iridescent hair;
The murmuring waves, cradling the grace of profound reunion.

I exhale and close my eyes, letting the scene burn away any extraneous thoughts. I want to always remember the vividness of it—for in this moment, I am infinitely glad to be alive.

Hi everyone! The new art for Crown of Worlds is well under way. Do you like it, or do you love it?

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