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When author Lydia first envisioned the story, she knew that some people don’t need (or want) romance to “complete” their adventure. That’s a perfectly natural thing, and we respect it. We firmly believe that beings can be fulfilled by meaningful, platonic relationships. But Lydia also recognized that some people do need (or want) romance in their happy endings, and she wanted to include them as well.

Her solution was to make romance optional for completing Crown of Worlds. During the visual novel, readers will be presented with dialogue choices which begin a romance with a character, or which keep it affectionately platonic. The begin-a-romance choices will be things like flirts, inner dialogue suggesting attraction, or other clues that make it clear for those readers who want to see their Bellot fall in love.

Bellot can be gay, straight, bi, or pansexual in Crown of Worlds

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