Dia Rodriguez will host Bellot (the main character) in Part 2 of Crown of Worlds. She resides on Primavera in the harmonious plane—a plane that’s sure to delight urban dystopia enthusiasts.

Intra has the following to say about Primavera:

“The harmonious plane is home to Primavera. Primavera is the only world whose inhabitants achieved perfect equilibrium between each other and the environment. They had an instinct for it, as Earthlings do for art. They developed a region of their arid planet, forming the land in a way that allowed for perpetual sustainability. Thus, even though resources were limited, balance and harmony reigned. People flourished.


The situation is no longer so lovely. Like Earth, Primavera suffers the side effects of isolation. Interplanar trade for resources facilitates the terraform design of Primavera. Equilibrium between the environment and the population became impossible without it. Conflicts escalated over the millennia into a full-blown war, waged for control of the terraformed region. Society has collapsed, and the once beautiful city became a stage for revolving battles.”

Ideological differences split Primavera’s population into two warring factions. They’ve reduced the once beautiful city surrounding the neutral zone to rubble. The neutral zone is in charge of maintaining the terraforming equipment that keeps Primavera inhabitable—it also measures out water to either side during the war.

Dia manages that neutral zone with equanimous authority…until lives are threatened. She’s a sharp cookie with some rough, but effective edges. You’ve all heard descriptions of quiet, cold rage? Yeah, that’s not her.